Dare to Be the Same? Yeah, That’ll Work!

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Dare to Be the Same? Yeah, That’ll Work!

“Don’t be afraid of being different, be afraid of being the same as everyone else.”
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Dare to be the same? Yeah that'll work. Written by Paul M Neuberger, your event speaker.

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I give a lot of presentations (part of being a keynote speaker, I guess). I love doing so … which puts me in stark contrast to many people who rate public speaking among their greatest fears (next to death).

Call me weird. Outlier. Masochist. Whatever.

Many of my event speaker talks address sales strategy, particularly cold calling. Talk about another crippling fear of the masses!

Even though it’s part of their profession, most salespeople avoid cold calling at all costs. Many would prefer a weekly root canal to dialing complete strangers out of the blue.

Again, I’m an oddball here. I don’t mind cold calling. I’ve done it more than I can recall, and been very successful. I even built a business teaching others to do the same.

A certain conundrum often arises in my guest speaker presentations. It’s as predictable as the groans from sales reps directed to make cold calls.

I’ll ask one or two audience members to recite their script for calling sales prospects. Typically it’s something like “Hello Mr. Smith. My name is Jim Johnson, and I’m with Wonderful Widgets Company. I’m calling because we have a product that will save you money, help you beat the competition AND scratch the itchy part of your back that your arm can never reach …”

Sound familiar? Maybe you’ve been on the receiving end of calls like this. What was your response?

Next, I’ll ask the sales training program audience if, when selling, they believe their customers are buying a relationship with them, the rep, or what they’re selling. In other words, do people buy people, or do they buy products and services?

“People!” the crowd inevitably responds … and they’re right.

So why, I ask, are they leading off with the organization they represent, and the product or service they’re offering?

Surprised looks all around. The moment of revelation dawns. You can practically hear the wheels turning in people’s heads. Why, indeed?

Let’s face it: You’re not the only one selling this product or service. A competitor might have called this same prospect 10 minutes earlier. Don’t worry, though – they undoubtedly made the mistake you just did.

Which means, of course, that you got lumped in with them: another cookie-cutter sales rep with a quickly-dismissed pitch. Ho hum. It’s like everyone reads from the same fill-in-the-blanks sheet.

Well, know this: A dull scissors will NEVER cut through the clutter!

Let’s back up. We all agreed that “people buy people,” right?

This is abundantly true, because people are emotional buyers. It’s how we’re wired. Our brains naturally process emotional responses faster than logic. Make that emotional connection … and you’ve planted the seed of a potentially-fruitful relationship.

How do you embrace a prospect on a deep emotive level, where they’ll remember you months (or longer) later?

You need to stand out from the competition. Leave a lasting impression. The prospect might not remember what you’re selling, but if they remember you … the process can ensue.

My next post will begin diving into the concept of emotional selling, which taps into the intrinsic human leanings toward empathy and connection. Even if you’re not in sales, understanding this dynamic can help formulate stronger professional and personal relationships.

So come along for entertainment value, if nothing more. It’s a perspective you might not have considered. Remember, I’m the keynote presentation guy who actually enjoys public speaking. How out there can you get?

(Paul M. Neuberger is President of The Starr Group, Founder/CEO of The Cold Call Coach, and a globe-trotting inspirational keynote speaker. Don’t miss his upcoming three-part webinar series, Paul’s Emergency Sales Kit, filled with timely instruction and advice for salespeople during a challenging period. Or, for an even deeper dive into sales mastery, try Cold Call University. Contact Paul at 414-313-8338 or via e-mail at pneuberger@starrgroup.com or coldcallcoachllc@gmail.com.)

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