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How to Connect with Prospects on a Deeper Level

Whether we realize it or not, we are emotional buyers.  We routinely make purchases based on how products, brands, and salespeople make us feel—from the insurance plan that gives us peace of mind, to the new sports car that quells a mid-life crisis, to the jeans that made the sales associate do a double-take.  Our emotions often defy logic, but when we feel really good about something, we usually buy it.

As a salesperson, chances are you are not using this reality to your advantage!  In this intriguing keynote, Paul M. Neuberger will walk you through the neurological physiology of emotional selling.  In other words, he explains why all customers’ brains are wired to respond to emotion, rather than what you say or the details of what you’re selling.  It’s a totally different way of approaching cold calls, sales presentations, and all interactions you have with prospects or clients—and it is truly trans-formative.  

Using the Top 5 Tips of Psychological Selling, Paul shows audience members how to connect with prospects on a deeper level, while also bringing more of their authentic selves into each interaction. People will leave with a new perspective and a plan they can start implementing immediately to become more effective than ever before.

  • “Paul is a dynamic passionate speaker that will have you excited to make your next sales call!”

    Diane Welhouse Executive Director of NARI Milwaukee
  • "Paul, why are you such a genius? I gain so much insight from your content. Thank you!"

    Maja Stevanovich EVP at Mungo Creative
  • "I was captivated by Paul’s ability to analyze and communicate the do’s and don’ts of selling. I found the seminar extremely engaging and well worth the time."

    Jerome Nichols Senior Sales Executive at Waste Management
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