LinkedIn Monetization Training

LinkedIn: Ready to Monetize, and Weaponize?

If you’re a professional, you’re undoubtedly on LinkedIn. It’s the social media channel where professionals connect, share and promote.

Yet, most LinkedIn users barely scratch its surface. Its resources and potential run much, much deeper. Are you ready to monetize and weaponize this uber-powerful platform?

It’s time to think about (and use) LinkedIn differently. Quit wasting time on “how to” trainings. Paul M. Neuberger’s LinkedIn program will take you to new, higher levels of relationships, revenue and rewards.

Paul’s unique approach dives into areas you’ve likely never explored. How do you message people? How do you convert leads? How do you find, and connect with, the right people?

Paul’s training focuses on four areas:

  • Be found. Make yourself findable – and desirable – to others.
  • Be valuable. Post rich content that attracts people. Understand the LinkedIn algorithm, and how to use hashtags, video and links for best results.
  • Be strategic. Identify your ideal client. Find them. Use connections to leverage introductions. Use smart messaging to make people want to know you.
  • Be engaging. Reach out to new contacts. Re-engage with old contacts. Do a 1st-degree connection audit to see who’s changed jobs … and might be an even more valuable ally than before.

Every step you take on LinkedIn should lead to making money. This isn’t Facebook, where photos of pets and cute children abound. LinkedIn is a business platform, where relationships convert to cash.

Are you ready to make LinkedIn a powerful weapon in your sales arsenal? If so, prepare yourself – Paul M. Neuberger’s LinkedIn training is all the ammunition you’ll need.

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The program consists of four 60-minute modules, which are:

1.) LinkedIn Profile Optimization: Make Yourself Searchable and Desirable
2.) Hunting on LinkedIn: How to Find Your Ideal Clients and Prospects
3.) LinkedIn Content Creation: Algorithm Tricks to Expand Your Reach
4.) Best Practices in LinkedIn Messaging: Proven Strategies to Engage with Your Audience

Paul Neuberger has been a powerful and impactful “needle mover” for our entire sales department of over 200 employees nationwide. I’ve had the pleasure of partnering with Paul a number of times in my sales training role with KI. After observing Paul’s effective and high energy cold call trainings with a group of young sales professionals, I had to get him in front of more of our sales team. Paul presented “Instantaneous Differentiation: How to Make Yourself Memorable” at our International Sales Meeting and was inarguably the most talked about presenter at our conference with more than a dozen professional key note speakers. Most recently we have partnered with Paul for LinkedIn training, and I don’t know anyone else who could make such a technical training so fun, exciting, and motivational. If you are looking to strengthen your sales team in any aspect, I would highly recommend working with Paul. I promise you won’t be disappointed.
Dale Griffin, National Sales Training Manager, KI

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