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Unleash Your Organization’s Power on LinkedIn!

Are you (and probably coworkers) using LinkedIn for professional networking … while your organization misses out on one of the biggest marketing opportunities the social media channel offers?

LinkedIn Company pages provide a prominent platform for organizations to explain who they are, how they deliver value, and build a following. Yet most businesses barely give this tremendous resource the time of day!

Take advantage of this major-league opportunity, and expand your organization’s social media and online footprints, with Paul M. Neuberger’s LinkedIn Iconic Influencer Service!

Similar to his LinkedIn Monetization Training for individuals, Paul’s LinkedIn Iconic Influencer Service (LIIS) will turn your organization’s LinkedIn Company page into a powerful business development tool. Even better, he does all the work for you!

Paul’s LIIS is perfect for existing company pages that want to grow their reach and influence. It’s ideal, too, for new pages that want to get started on the right foot!

Paul’s team will create and post content that transforms your LinkedIn Company page from an island to a booming business metropolis. He’s used these practices to make C-Suite for Christ the most iconic Christian brand on LinkedIn!

How does it work?

LIIS employs a proprietary multi-step system to build awareness, attract prospects and enhance brand awareness. Paul’s practices, based on LinkedIn algorithms and human psychology, attract LinkedIn users to follow your company page and engage with its content.

Unleash LIIS with your LinkedIn Company page, and here’s what you’ll experience:

  • Dramatic growth in followers
  • Exponential increase in content engagement
  • Huge jump in “searchability,” making your page far more likely to be found on LinkedIn
  • Increased traffic to your website
  • Prospects that are ready to buy today

Are you ready to take advantage of all that a LinkedIn Company page has to offer? Contact Paul today, and turn yours into an irresistible business magnet!

Want to go a step further?

For an additional fee, Paul’s team will qualify your company page’s followers, cultivate relationships with potential customers, and position your team to have conversations about your products or services.

Let’s put the full power of LinkedIn to work for you!

Contact Paul for next steps

Contact Paul today to learn more about utilizing your LinkedIn company page.

Contact Paul at 414-313-8338 or for additional information and next steps. Let’s get started!

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