Outsourced Sales Leadership Program

No Sales Manager? No Problem!

Strong sales teams don’t happen on their own. They require direction. Training. Accountability. An occasional pep talk. In sum, all the responsibilities of a sales manager.

How strong is your sales team’s leadership?

Many companies have sales representatives, but no dedicated sales manager.

Or, they have a “sales manager” … who also happens to be the CFO, or President, or even owner. In other words, someone already wearing plenty of other hats. So what quality of leadership is the team getting? Are they motivated? Learning? Being held accountable?

If not, a solution exists: Paul M. Neuberger. Serving as your sales manager, he’ll energize your team. Before you know it, they’ll be dialing the direct line to sales success.

As the former President of an insurance agency with 40+ employees, Paul knows leadership. His sales team generated years of double-digit growth.

As a veteran sales trainer, Paul knows how to turn around stale sales operations. He tries new things. People re-engage. Success follows.

Why hire Paul as your sales manager? If you lack one, he’ll bring direction to the sales process. Training in skills such as cold calling, LinkedIn prospecting and effective follow-up. Accountability to metrics for activity and goal achievement. Team meetings to share ideas and successes. Coaching for individuals.

Or, if your “sales manager” is an executive stretched way too thin, Paul will free them. Give their time back. Allow them to work “on” the business, instead of “in.”

Paul isn’t just another consultant. Hire him for sales management, and you’ve brought on a revenue generating partner. He’ll contact prospects. Schedule appointments. Strategize with others to close business.

Don’t forget the intangibles. Paul has more than 30,000 LinkedIn connections. He’ll make introductions and open doors. If you need to hire sales professionals, skip the recruiters (and their fees) – let Paul tap into his broad network, with a megaphone that’s hard to ignore.

Sure, you could look into hiring a full-time sales manager. You’ll learn they’re hard to find … because the good ones already have jobs. Besides, you’re highly unlikely to find one with the experience, creativity and “can do” spirit of Paul M. Neuberger.

Is your sales team flailing? Or, are you flailing as a sales manager, because you just don’t have the time to get it right?

Stop fighting a losing battle … and turn to someone with a winning record. Contact Paul today. He’ll get your sales team prepared to run the race, and anxious for the starting gun.

Save time and money!

Contact Paul for next steps

Contact Paul today to learn more about his customized Outsourced Sales Leadership Program.

Hiring Paul to help you succeed in your career, and life, is logical. In an emotional world, you’ll have an advantage like no other.

Contact Paul at 414-313-8338 or paul@paulmneuberger.com for additional information and next steps. Let’s get started!

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