Why Development Training Program

Learn Your “Why”…and Succeed Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

If someone told you that you’d been doing everything wrong – well, pretty much forever – you might respond with a one-word question. Ironically, it holds the answer.


Yes, Why. Indeed, Why. It’s all about why – your Why.

Your Why drives, motivates and inspires you. It’s not what you do. It’s why you do it.

People love Why. They buy Why. Communicate your Why, and people will buy you – for a job, a donation, or even a date – whatever you’re selling! Yes, it’s that powerful.

Grasp your Why, and experience a life-changing redirect that will empower you with unlimited confidence, passion and ambition.

Keynote speaker Paul M. Neuberger’s Why Development training will unlock your Why … and with it, your dreams. Paul’s career took off after he discovered his Why. Through his individualized coaching program, Paul will guide you to find, craft and deliver yours.

Paul’s proprietary process works for anyone, regardless of their profession or personal associations. Available in 2-, 4- or 6-hour programs, his training will unlock your Why – and with it, your potential.

People are emotional buyers. They buy people first – not companies, products or services. Your Why hits them at an emotive level, where decisions are really made.

Best of all, no one else has your Why. It’s yours alone … yet its value lies in knowing, framing and communicating it.

Famed inspirational speaker Simon Sinek originated the concept of Why. Paul’s “Instantaneous Differentiation” presentation delves into the value of knowing your Why.

Isn’t it time to learn your Why?

Ready to find, embrace and pursue your Why?

Contact Paul for next steps

Contact Paul today to learn more about his customized Why Development coaching.

Hiring Paul to help you succeed in your career, and life, is logical. In an emotional world, you’ll have an advantage like no other.

Contact Paul at 414-313-8338 or paul@paulmneuberger.com for additional information and next steps. Let’s get started!

Training Packages

Two hour package
Identify the Why, craft the Why, and come up with 5-minute, 2-minute, 1-minute and 30-second versions so you can use them in a variety of situations

Four hour package
Everything above, plus I’ll work with you to create customized scripts around your Why for the following situations:
a.) Social media
b.) Email
c.) Direct mail
d.) Networking/Prospecting Meetings

Six hour package
Everything above, plus I’ll work with you on how to build a world-class, customized cold call script around your Why. This will enable you to hunt high-quality organizations and secure dedicated time with who you want, when you want, for whatever reason you want.
*For an additional fee, I’ll work with you for an entire month by monitoring and tracking the quantifiable metrics that result from your Why usage.

*Video production work to film your finalized Why is included with each package.

Client Examples

Tom Ginn’s Why

Justin Johnson’s Why

Brooke Robinson’s Why

Tim Knorr’s Why

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