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In any verbal communication, the content of what’s said, is typically less important than how it’s said.

Charisma. Humor. Passion. Listeners pick up on these characteristics … and respond.

So if you need voiceover for a video, audio book, or radio or TV ad, doesn’t it make sense to hire someone who knows how to use their voice, and loves bringing words to life?

As a professional orator and keynote speaker, Paul M. Neuberger lives to connect with his audiences. In voiceover work, he doesn’t just read scripts – he pulls listeners in. He does so employing experience from countless presentations, and knowledge from top-selling material such as “Instantaneous Differentiation.

What do you want your customers (and prospects) to hear? Remember, people are emotional consumers. They buy intangibles: Wit. Empathy. Conviction.

They might not remember what you say, but they’ll never forget how you made them feel when you said it.

Who better to make this personal connection than someone who knows how to sell? Paul M. Neuberger literally wrote the book on cold calling … typically viewed as the hardest sales approach out there.

Let Paul M. Neuberger ignite your video marketing, advertising or next audio book. He’ll make your message resonate … and be remembered.

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