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Why Development Training Program

If someone told you that you’d been doing everything wrong – well, pretty much forever – you might respond with a one-word question. Ironically, it holds the answer.


Yes, Why. Indeed, Why. It’s all about why – your Why.

Your Why drives, motivates and inspires you. It’s not what you do. It’s why you do it.

Work with Paul through his Why Development coaching program.

Cold Call Script Review

Most cold calls fail in the first few seconds. It’s not the product or service involved. Or time of day. Or tone of voice. Or even the salesperson themselves.

It’s the script.

Have Paul review your cold call script, and tell you exactly what to change.

Excellence in Business Acumen

Paul M. Neuberger aims to end the pandemic of poorly-run meetings. If you want to close more business, and validate the time spent getting prospects to sit down, Excellence in Business Acumen is your ticket to sales success.

Never again will your team ask, “What happened?” More likely, they’ll be ready with a much more positive response: “Who’s next?”

Monetization Of LinkedIn

If you’re a professional, you’re undoubtedly on LinkedIn. It’s the social media channel where professionals connect, share and promote.

Paul’s unique approach dives into areas you’ve likely never explored. How do you message people? How do you convert leads? How do you find, and connect with, the right people?

Voiceover Services

In any verbal communication, the content of what’s said, is typically less important than how it’s said.

Who better to make this personal connection than someone who knows how to sell? Paul M. Neuberger literally wrote the book on cold calling … typically viewed as the hardest sales approach out there.

Let Paul M. Neuberger ignite your video marketing, advertising or next audio book. He’ll make your message resonate … and be remembered.

Prospect Cultivation Service

Not everyone has time to prospect, or wants to do so. So don’t. Paul M. Neuberger’s Prospect Cultivation Service aligns your business with its ideal potential customers. Make your next sales call one that both parties are excited about!

Cold Call Training Services

Cold calling stops most sales professionals cold.

Paul personalizes his cold call training to your needs. Whether group or individualized (3 or fewer participants) training, instruction is tailored to your industry and its specific challenges. You’ll finish not embarrassed to pick up the phone, but energized to dial up new appointments and sales.

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