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If keynote speaker Paul M. Neuberger seems familiar…as if you’ve seen him around before…well, you probably have.

Paul makes regular appearances across a variety of media, both “new” and traditional: podcasts. YouTube videos. Webinars. TV interviews. What’s next?

Paul loves being an inspirational speaker. He also relishes the opportunity to reach new audiences, and share his mission of “making the impossible, possible” across multiple media platforms. Enjoy this sampling of his media outreach…there’s no telling where he’ll show up next!


Podcast Featured Guest

Increasingly the discussion around faith in the workplace or in business leadership comes up and then is immediately pushed aside from fear of offending. Your belief system is a critical component of who you are. A belief system is how we can filter and make decisions that will last.

The discussion of one’s faith is critical to their system of leading. In this episode we talk faith, sales, money, success, and ultimately leading well. Meet Paul Neuberger. He is an International Keynote Speaker I Entrepreneur I Sales Trainer I Covering the World in Christ I Author of the Best-Selling Book, “The Secrets to Cold Call Success” A CEO For Life pursues a foundation from which they make decisions. Find your belief system and lead from that strong foundation.

Reconsider Christ Podcast

Podcast Featured Guest

Paul Neuberger epitomizes the hard charging exec who almost killed himself twice by age 34! Amazingly, throughout the struggle he was able to continue to build a successful career.

As Paul describes the harried experiences of his personal life, he walks through the stages of his relationship with Christ. Paul and Christ begin with Christ as the boss, move to Christ as the life raft and finally to Christ, Paul’s best friend. Paul reminds us of the importance of not allowing our personal ambition to drive us forward unchecked.

Outside Sales Talk podcast.

Outside Sales Talk Podcast

Podcast Featured Guest

Paul M. Neuberger is known as the “Cold Call Coach”, teaching thousands of students in more than a hundred countries to help sales professionals close more sales. Paul’s book “The Secrets to Cold Call Success” has helped readers transform their approach to selling and leveraging psychology to connect with prospects quickly.

In this episode, Paul discusses how to appeal to your customer’s emotions and build a competitive edge over your competitors.

Last in Line Leadership Podcast

Podcast Featured Guest

Build an E.D.G.E. with THE Paul Neuberger

International Keynote Speaker and coach discusses how to build a sharp edge with such depth and richness you won’t find just anywhere.

Main Street Marketing Podcast

Podcast Featured Guest

Monetizing LinkedIn

Paul M. Neuberger sits down with Jim Reinke, owner of Paragon Marketing Group to discuss tips, best practices, and strategies to become more effective on LinkedIn. It’s a social media platform with over 750 million users. Everyone you desire to sell to and connect with can be found here. But where do you start?

A Shark’s Perspective Podcast

Podcast Featured Guest

“What are the secrets to cold call success?”

Listen to this conversation with Paul M. Neuberger, a keynote speaker, entrepreneur, sales trainer, and author of “The Secrets to Cold Call Success, Close More Business in Less Time Than Ever Before.”

Positive Polarity Podcast

Podcast Featured Guest

Make sure to tune into today’s episode of The Positive Polarity Podcast featuring Paul M. Neuberger, President of The Starr Group!

Paul believes in making the impossible possible. A masterful speaker and trainer, he challenges people to dig deep and discover talents they never knew they had.

A sales expert, Paul is known to many organizations as The Cold Call Coach. He has taught thousands of students in more than a hundred countries through his Cold Call University program, helping sales professionals in a range of industries close more business in less time than ever before.

In this episode, Paul shares his perspective on why the cold call isn’t dead, tips on how to lead with the personal instead of the professional, and how to guarantee that prospects will call you back when you leave a message.

The GoGedders Podcast

Podcast Featured Guest

Last February the Young Guns made a very successful debut with an event in Milwaukee, then COVID hit. Since then they have adapted, launched YGTV and have their first online event coming up in November. On this episode Richie Burke sits down with Paul Neuberger and Andy Weins to talk about the rise of the Young Guns movement, entrepreneurship during COVID, the importance of daily routines, being yourself, building a strong network and much more!

iWork4Him Podcast

Podcast Featured Guest

Today we head off to Wisconsin. Now you know I have an aversion to anything Cheesehead because I grew up in Minnesota but When God starts doing something great in the kingdom that has to do with work, even if it is in Wisconsin, we need to cover it! Now, all kidding aside. Paul Neuberger saw a need. A need for executives on Linkedin to be encouraged and equipped for living out their faith in their work. These are not just the people at the top of the organization but people with executive position throughout an organization. Paul saw a need and said, I am willing Lord. Two years and 30,000 followers later, Paul Neuberger and are on a mission to bring hope, friendship, encouragement and equipping to executives across the country and around the world. For the rest of the story, we will let Paul Tell it.

Kingdom REI : For Kingdom-Minded Entrepreneurs and Investors Podcast

Podcast Featured Guest

In this podcast we cover:

  • Paul’s linkedin conversion strategy that anyone can do
  • How to “armor up” for the day- crushing your morning routine
  • Why leading with logic vs emotion is killing your sales pitch
  • How to stand out in any industry and find more customers

Enterprise NOW! Podcast

Podcast Featured Guest

On this very last episode of Enterprise NOW! Elzie talks to Paul M Neuberger, a speaker and a trainer, who believes in making the impossible possible. In this awesome conversation full of golden nuggets the two of them are talking about pros and cons of entrepreneurship, about success, fears, drives and mindset. Do not miss this final episode of your favorite podcast!

Payback Time Podcast

Podcast Featured Guest

Cold calling. I don’t know about you, but I don’t exactly roll out of bed with motivation to cold call. As for our next guest, it’s not only something he loves, but something he’s great at. He first discovered the craft in college and by the time he graduated, he was running a cold call center.

Fast forward years later, cold calling has been the foundation of his career ever since. Today he’s the president of an insurance agency but he’s also a cold calling coach where he helps companies large and small increase their sales conversion ratio over the phone.

This is a perfect example of dedicating your time and energy to not only be good, but GREAT at a skill most people are fearful of.
Please welcome Paul Neuberger.

My Worst Investment Ever Podcast

Podcast Featured Guest

Sales passion does not always overcome the burden of high costs. “I believe in life; nothing happens to you. Everything happens for you.” This podcast features the journeys Paul has been on throughout his career and life and the lessons he has learned along the way.

Young Guns Magazine feature.

Milwaukee Magazine

Magazine Feature

The Young Guns Movement features four of Milwaukee’s premier entrepreneurs who realized the rules of business have changed. You no longer need to wait for permission to make noise, get noticed and share your brilliance with the world. To encourage professionals to tell their stories, the Young Guns Movement launched in February with a major live event. Nearly 300 entrepreneurs attended the full-day program featuring inspirational speakers, engaging conversation and influential presenters.

Due to the COVID-19 shutdown, the movement pivoted by launching YGTV, a proprietary channel which gives a platform to luminaries and business rebels. Each week, YGTV releases a new show designed to provide you with the skills and insight you need to ignite your career; public speakers and innovative disruptors on YG Stage with Andy Weins, learning from mentors and listening to leaders on YG One-on-One with Paul M. Neuberger, collaboration and challenging our thinking on YG Workshop with David Belman, and sharpening our skills while staying on top of trends on YG Roundtable with Pat Miller.

The Young Guns Movement is for everyone. If you’re ready to challenge the status quo and break the rules of business, subscribe to YGTV today here:

How’d It Happen Podcast

Podcast Featured Guest

Today’s episode with Paul M. Neuberger, is one you’ll want to listen to as soon as possible. He’s an amazing entrepreneur and driven by passion.

We cover a ton of great stuff in this episode like how his father helped build his confidence and challenged him to constantly improve, his initial direction to attend medical school and the critical moment that turned his life in a different direction, why he can’t live without challenge in his life, his unique ability to blueprint a path for people to make the impossible, possible, why he chooses to live a life that gives back, and much more.

Executive Branding in a Digital World—Kane webinar

Executive Branding in a Digital World

Webinar Featured Speaker

A company’s executives can be a marketer’s greatest tool for moving the needle on your business objectives. Studies show that when an executive has a strong personal brand, it impacts everything from the company’s ability to recruit and retain talent, to the generation of new business to the company’s market value.

In this webinar, moderated by Kane’s President and CEO, Kimberly Kane, we heard experts who shared practical tips on how you can define and develop your executive brand.

The Secrets of Cold Calling with Paul Neuberger

The Secrets of Cold Calling with Paul Neuberger

the gogedders Podcast Featured Speaker

Waking up at 3 A.M. every morning, Paul Neuberger is a connection-making, cold-calling machine. He owns four businesses, is the president of a 5th, and is an international speaker. In this podcast Neuberger shares essential information on how to make cold calls and add value to your customers.

Paul M. Neuberger Milwaukee AHA Heart Walk Chair Interviewed on WISN-12

News Appearance

This was a truly special day! After a full year of planning, fundraising, and creating awareness, the 2019 American Heart Association Milwaukee Heart Walk was held on September 21. Over 6,000 individuals came out to support this vitally important mission and do their part to rid the world of heart disease and stroke once and for all.

As Chairman of the event, I spent the morning making media appearances, visiting with top donors, filming videos, and thanking volunteers for their support. One such media appearance involved me being interviewed live on WISN-TV by Van McNeil. Check out the video to see our conversation.

Paul M. Neuberger AHA Heart Walk Chair Speech from 2019 Milwaukee Event

Chair Speech

This moment was the culmination of it all!

For more than one year now, I have been blessed to serve as the Chairman of the 2019 American Heart Association Milwaukee Heart Walk.

You’ve seen my videos on YouTube for months touting our progress, highlighting my media appearances, introducing you to the members of my Executive Committee, etc.

Want to see how we did? Want to see how the story ended? Ready for some powerful inspiration?

Then watch the video of my speech from the Main Stage at the event on September 21 and let me know your thoughts.

Paul M. Neuberger AHA Milwaukee Heart Walk Chairman on The Morning Blend TV Show

Morning Blend Guest

I could get used to sitting on this couch!

Not sure how many members of my YouTube Family in the Milwaukee market caught my appearance on The Morning Blend TV program on Sunday, but in case you missed it, I thought I would post it for your viewing pleasure.

What a blessing it was to appear on this popular talk show to promote the 2019 American Heart Association Milwaukee Heart Walk and sit next to two brave survivors of heart disease.

Paul M. Neuberger AHA Chairman Interviewed on WTMJ Morning Show

News Appearance

It was early, but so worth it! Recently, I was interviewed on live TV as part of TODAY’S TMJ4 5:00 a.m. news program.

Seeing as how February is National Heart Month, I was asked questions in my role as Chairman of the 2019 American Heart Association Milwaukee Heart Walk about the following:

– Heart healthy strategies for our children
– The importance of exercise for our youth
– My “why” and the reasons behind my support of this cause

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