I’m hosting a TV show!

I am beyond excited to announce that I’m hosting a new show on RightNow Media! For those who aren’t familiar with the network, it’s basically Netflix for Christians. It has an international audience with millions of subscribers.

My show, Faith at Work, highlights executives who have brought Christ into the workplace. In each episode, I interview a different leader to get to know them on a personal level, learn about their organization, tour their facility, and see firsthand how they’ve created a God-centric culture.

We’ve created two episodes thus far that were released on Friday, April 16, and I’m currently looking for leaders to feature in future episodes. Are you a good fit? Do you know someone who would be?

Just hit the contact button and let’s chat! To learn more about this amazing show, watch the video trailer.

Watch Faith at Work here.

Episode 1: Vince Schmidt: Cleaning the World With Christ

Episode 2: David Mitchell: “Lift”-ing God at Every Turn

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