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Witness the Power of Faith at Work

We’ve been told that religion doesn’t belong in the workplace; that to create a welcoming place for everyone, we need to keep our faith separate—hidden.  At the same time, we’re told that employees should be able to bring their full selves to work and be welcomed and accepted for who they truly are.

These mixed messages create a difficult situation for those of us who live God-centric lives.  Should we downplay our faith to avoid isolating others, or can we be open about who we really are?

In this uplifting keynote, Paul M. Neuberger shows how being open about your faith at work not only enables you to become more authentic, it helps you become a better leader as well.   Taking lessons from the greatest leader of all time (Jesus!), Paul shows how you can make your workplace a better place for everyone—regardless of their religion. From being a servant leader, to showing kindness and love in challenging situations, Paul shows how lessons from the Bible have a home at work.

As the Founder of C-Suite for Christ, Paul knows there are many Christian men and women who are walking similar paths, yearning for the support and encouragement of their brothers and sisters in Christ. He has been called to help people come together and rejuvenate the working soul through the fellowship and praise of God.

The heaviness of this world can be a lot to bear, but this talk will help you leave a little bit lighter.  Come witness the power of faith at work!

  • "Outstanding teaching! You have explained and revealed so many things to me. I'm going to make positive changes, and am anxious to see and hear the other sessions. You are so very clear, relatable, focused on what is right; and doing our Lords work by being a great example for all men to see. Paul, you are a real blessing; thank you."

    Alan Wetzel Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist at Wetzel Development Group
  • "Lot's of buzz going on over here about how much they enjoyed your session yesterday. One of my team members had life changing affirmation occur that he no longer wants to be just average. He wants to be the best at what he does. It's going to be an amazing year!"

    Dani Austin-Rauch Realtor at First Weber Group
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