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Paul M. Neuberger Will Teach You How to Sell Differently, and Better!

If you’re in sales, you know the difficulty of securing meetings with prospects. Once on the calendar, those first sit-downs mean everything.

We’ve all had meetings we thought went well … until they didn’t. A promised callback never came. The “maybe” became “no.” Or, you knew your chances were dead before the conversation ended.

You had probably followed the conventional “first meeting” formula: listen more than you speak. Smile. Build rapport. Focus on “value propositions.” Have questions ready.

Well, you followed a formula for failure. Ever been told this?

See, nature is working against you. The average attention span for humans is 4.2 seconds. A goldfish, by comparison, can focus for 6.4 seconds.

Larger implications for the human race aside, you have an incredibly small window to make the all-important first impression! Do you really think you’ll do this by “building rapport” … whatever that means?

Instead, how about ensuring that you’ll nail the first meeting with hard-earned prospects every time?

Paul M. Neuberger’s Excellence in Business Acumen program makes it happen. Wrapping psychology, science and pop culture into a practical format, this innovative training uses a completely different approach to running meetings. You’ll never sell the same way again.

Excellence in Business Acumen employs a five-step process to create impactful meetings that intrigue and excite your prospects. You’ll learn to ask questions that matter … to hear what’s not being said … and convey messages that resonate with your audience.

Excellence in Business Acumen training is customized for your organization. It’s a scalable, replicable roadmap that can be used by any personnel to run successful appointments. Its proprietary approach can be used to re-energize existing client relationships, and ignite stalled opportunities in your pipeline.

Paul M. Neuberger aims to end the pandemic of poorly-run meetings. If you want to close more business, and validate the time spent getting prospects to sit down, Excellence in Business Acumen is your ticket to sales success.

Never again will your team ask, “What happened?” More likely, they’ll be ready with a much more positive response: “Who’s next?”

Close more business and validate the time spent getting prospects to sit down

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Hiring Paul to help you succeed in your career, and life, is logical. In an emotional world, you’ll have an advantage like no other.

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Paul provided valuable training to our advisory team, creating a custom program to teach us how to develop deeper relationships with our clients. The improvement was immediate and significant. The positive impact from Paul’s training will pay dividends to our clients and our company for years to come. Thank you Paul.
Kevin Reardon, President, Shakespeare Wealth Management

Training Sessions

Session One (60 Minutes): In the Opening Interview and Initial Skills Assessment, this meeting is designed to ask each employee a series of questions to not only ascertain further information about them professionally, but also notate the manner in which the information is disseminated to the examiner. Of the sixty-minutes within this session, thirty minutes of it will be filmed.

This phase will determine the present skills and abilities, thereby providing a baseline for the current state of the employee. Furthermore, it will establish the competences that need to be emphasized as the sequence of trainings are delivered.

Therefore, once the interview is finished, an assessment will be completed to determine the best customized path for each employee going forward.

Session Two (75 Minutes): The Effective Listening and Art of Asking Questions session will leadoff with two of the most critical initial skills for “Excellence in Business Acumen”.

Session Three (75 Minutes): This Establishing an Emotional Connection and Impactful Storytelling session will continue the journey of planting early seeds for a fruitful longer-term client relationship.

Session Four (75 Minutes): The Secrets to Effective Small Talk and Mastery of Non-Verbal Cues session will allow the trainee to begin growing the intentional aspect of the relationship process.

Session Five (75 Minutes): This Best Practices for Intelligence Gathering and The Power of Conversation Sequencing session will train the crucial aspects for gaining a better understanding of a client’s needs and preferences, while beginning to mentally assemble a systematic way of delivering what the client is seeking to gain through the relationship.

Session Six (75 Minutes): By the time the Methods to Unlock Your Inner Charismatic and How to Amplify Your Presence session has arrived, there will have been ample time to get to know each employee, thereby providing an opportunity to help each person understand where and how they can channel their inner charisma. Additionally, since presence is critical in any business setting, Session Six will acutely teach each employee how to magnify this key characteristic.

Session Seven (75 Minutes): This How to Identify/Position Value Offerings and Masterful Follow-up Strategies for Relationship Monetization session will turn the final corner and train the team member as to what and when strategic value offerings should be considered. Furthermore, knowing it is essential to keep a new relationship on track, Session Seven will also provide core strategies on how to thread the needle when remaining in contact with a client.

Session Eight (60 Minutes): In the Applied Skills Assessment and Next Steps sixty-minute session, of which thirty minutes will be filmed, the employee will be interviewed again and be allowed to demonstrate the new skills developed after Sessions Two through Session Seven of the training. Additionally, a report will be generated to outline the discoveries from Session One, followed by what was observed in Session Eight, which will demonstrate the progress made in this complete training.

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