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How to Make Yourself Memorable

One of the ultimate secrets to professional success is something that everyone is aware of, but very few people know how to execute: differentiation. When you’re the best person for the job, how do you communicate your value and stand out from the crowd?  And how do you craft that message in a clear, concise, articulate manner that leaves a lasting impression?

Paul M. Neuberger is a master communicator who understands the art of winning people over.  He knows it isn’t about saying what people want to hear; it’s about effectively showing who you really are.

Unfortunately, people have a tendency to overlook the characteristics or experiences that make them truly unique and valuable.  By taking a step back and focusing on the intangible qualities that are linked to trust and likability, Paul helps audience members discover how to bring more of themselves to every interaction they have.  The result?  Instantaneous differentiation—built entirely through authenticity.This high-energy keynote has been transformational for professionals in a range of industries.  Whether you want to close more sales, improve your networking skills, or enhance your leadership presence, Instantaneous Differentiation is for you!

  • “Paul, thank you! We are a couple weeks past your visit to Inpro and one part of my promise to myself was to do away with the “have to” vocabulary and exchange it for “get to.” This small switch has changed me. I’m a more forward thinking leader and better communicator at home and at the office.”

    Jacob Berg Sales Team Lead at Inpro Corp
  • "Outstanding training today on instantaneous differentiation! Most of our management team joined us in the conference room. I could tell from their facial expressions that you were challenging them to think. Nice job!"

    Joe Bellante Owner of Sand Castle Field Services
  • "Hello Paul! I had attended your presentation on Instantaneous Differentiation at the NARI Expo at Potawatomi. It was fabulous!! Really, it was the highlight of my day."

    Meggan Mulkey Sales Director at Designs in Marble

Instantaneous Differentiation Video Preview

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