SILENCE OF THE LAMB: A Wake Up Call for Christianity

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Silent No More: A Christian Call to Arms

Ever notice how frequently Christians are mocked, silenced, minimized and vilified? Keynote speaker Paul M. Neuberger has … and he’s done being quiet.

A devout Christian who trusts God to guide his path, Paul has issued a call to arms for fellow people of faith to stand up and be counted. Are you ready?

“Silence of the Lamb: A Wakeup Call for Christianity” weaves Scripture and modern-day realities into a tableau of the threats facing Christianity in America … and how the time to act is now.

Hope is not lost by any means. Paul advocates for love, generosity and kindness as solutions.

The Bible is filled with stories of everyday people who overcame tremendous obstacles to further God’s purposes. We, as imperfect individuals struggling with challenges all around, can do the same.

Paul’s powerful presentation, “Silence of the Lamb: A Wakeup Call for Christianity,” will open your eyes to how close we are to losing Christianity … and the role each of us can play to ensure that God’s Word continues to be a strong, compassionate guiding force in our nation.

  • "Outstanding teaching! You have explained and revealed so many things to me. I'm going to make positive changes, and am anxious to see and hear the other sessions. You are so very clear, relatable, focused on what is right; and doing our Lords work by being a great example for all men to see. Paul, you are a real blessing; thank you."

    Alan Wetzel Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist at Wetzel Development Group
  • "Lot's of buzz going on over here about how much they enjoyed your session yesterday. One of my team members had life changing affirmation occur that he no longer wants to be just average. He wants to be the best at what he does. It's going to be an amazing year!"

    Dani Austin-Rauch Realtor at First Weber Group
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