Instantaneous Differentiation
How To Make Yourself Memorable

One of the ultimate secrets to professional success is something that everyone is aware of, but very few people know how to execute: differentiation. When you’re the best person for the job, how do you communicate your value and stand out from the crowd?  And how do you craft that message in a clear, concise, articulate manner that leaves a lasting impression?

Paul M. Neuberger is a master communicator who understands the art of winning people over.  He knows it isn’t about saying what people want to hear; it’s about effectively showing who you really are.

Unfortunately, people have a tendency to overlook the characteristics or experiences that make them truly unique and valuable.  By taking a step back and focusing on the intangible qualities that are linked to trust and likability, Paul helps audience members discover how to bring more of themselves to every interaction they have.  The result?  Instantaneous differentiation—built entirely through authenticity.This high-energy keynote has been transformational for professionals in a range of industries.  Whether you want to close more sales, improve your networking skills, or enhance your leadership presence, Instantaneous Differentiation is for you!

Everybody’s An Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs have always been respected and admired for their success. They are the ultimate “can do” people, breaking boundaries and taking the world to new places through hard work, dedication, innovation, and smart risk-taking. Although it’s easy to see why these qualities are essential for entrepreneurs, a lot of people don’t realize the same qualities are just as valuable for employees.

In this inspiring keynote, Paul M. Neuberger shows audiences what’s possible when an entire company embraces their inner entrepreneur. Imagine the productivity and engagement in a company where everyone tackles each opportunity, interaction, and situation in life as if they were the business owner!

Paul will show how a subtle shift in mindset opens the door for major change. From discipline, to practice, to competing with yourself instead of against others, Paul shares the seven ways that acting like an entrepreneur can change your life and career trajectory.

But it isn’t all about employees. To make a real company-wide transformation, leaders at all levels must truly embrace and incentivize entrepreneurial actions. Paul will show you how. Learn how you can usher in an era of unprecedented success at your company by focusing on the principles of entrepreneurship!

Psychological Selling
How to Connect with Prospects on a Deeper Level

Whether we realize it or not, we are emotional buyers. We routinely make purchases based on how products, brands, and salespeople make us feel—from the insurance plan that gives us peace of mind, to the new sports car that quells a mid-life crisis, to the jeans that made the sales associate do a double-take. Our emotions often defy logic, but when we feel really good about something, we usually buy it.

As a salesperson, chances are you are not using this reality to your advantage! In this intriguing keynote, Paul M. Neuberger will walk you through the neurological physiology of emotional selling. In other words, he explains why all customers’ brains are wired to respond to emotion, rather than what you say or the details of what you’re selling. It’s a totally different way of approaching cold calls, sales presentations, and all interactions you have with prospects or clients—and it is truly trans-formative.

Using the Top 5 Tips of Psychological Selling, Paul shows audience members how to connect with prospects on a deeper level, while also bringing more of their authentic selves into each interaction. People will leave with a new perspective and a plan they can start implementing immediately to become more effective than ever before.

Secrets Of Cold Call Success

Improving your cold call skills can transform your business and make your income skyrocket. But for most salespeople, making progress on this challenging part of the job is a long and arduous journey. Until now.

In this high-energy keynote, Paul M. Neuberger shows how becoming better at cold calling isn’t about luck or a numbers game; it’s about strategy. Better known to leading organizations around the world as The Cold Call Coach, Paul is a master of his craft. He has taught thousands of students in more than a hundred countries through his Cold Call University program, helping sales professionals in a range of industries close more deals in less time than ever before.

Paul’s game-changing methodology punches conventional wisdom in the mouth. He covers a range of critical information in this jam-packed keynote, including methods for reducing call reluctance, creating a sense of urgency with prospects, and crafting the perfect cold call script. He also shows how to leverage sales psychology to connect with your prospects quickly, while driving memorable conversations that show your value. With Paul’s insight, you will be able to get in front of who you want, when you want, for whatever reason you want.

There has never been a better time to use the phone to close sales. Experience the transformation that properly-executed conversations can make on your career!

Witness The Power Of Faith At Work

We’ve been told that religion doesn’t belong in the workplace; that to create a welcoming place for everyone, we need to keep our faith separate—hidden. At the same time, we’re told that employees should be able to bring their full selves to work and be welcomed and accepted for who they truly are.

These mixed messages create a difficult situation for those of us who live God-centric lives. Should we downplay our faith to avoid isolating others, or can we be open about who we really are?

In this uplifting keynote, Paul M. Neuberger shows how being open about your faith at work not only enables you to become more authentic, it helps you become a better leader as well. Taking lessons from the greatest leader of all time (Jesus!), Paul shows how you can make your workplace a better place for everyone—regardless of their religion. From being a servant leader, to showing kindness and love in challenging situations, Paul shows how lessons from the Bible have a home at work.

As the Founder of C-Suite for Christ, Paul knows there are many Christian men and women who are walking similar paths, yearning for the support and encouragement of their brothers and sisters in Christ. He has been called to help people come together and rejuvenate the working soul through the fellowship and praise of God.

The heaviness of this world can be a lot to bear, but this talk will help you leave a little bit lighter. Come witness the power of faith at work!

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