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Entrepreneurs have always been respected and admired for their success.  They are the ultimate “can do” people, breaking boundaries and taking the world to new places through hard work, dedication, innovation, and smart risk-taking.  Although it’s easy to see why these qualities are essential for entrepreneurs, a lot of people don’t realize the same qualities are just as valuable for employees.  

In this inspiring keynote, Paul M. Neuberger shows audiences what’s possible when an entire company embraces their inner entrepreneur.  Imagine the productivity and engagement in a company where everyone tackles each opportunity, interaction, and situation in life as if they were the business owner!  

Paul will show how a subtle shift in mindset opens the door for major change.  From discipline, to practice, to competing with yourself instead of against others, Paul shares the seven ways that acting like an entrepreneur can change your life and career trajectory.  

But it isn’t all about employees.  To make a real company-wide transformation, leaders at all levels must truly embrace and incentivize entrepreneurial actions.  Paul will show you how. Learn how you can usher in an era of unprecedented success at your company by focusing on the principles of entrepreneurship!

  • “I loved your talk! You ROCK! Having been in the sales field for many years and watching a lot of sales leaders, I can tell, you’re a great one.”

    Louis Young National Accounts Manager at Design Phase, Inc.
  • “We recently had Paul speak with our staff on entrepreneurship. It was a big success and changed our thinking of how we present our company. At the close of the day, the staff got together to debrief and everyone was talking about how and when they could implement these tips. I call that a success. Thanks Paul!” 

    Rich Schmig Partner at Plum Media
  • “I saw you speak last night and you were very enlightening, engaging, and most of all, the information you shared was very actionable – one of the best public speeches I’ve ever seen! I just wanted to say thanks for your time.”

    Piero Spada Independent Vineyard & Winery Consultant at Piero Spada, LLC
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