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Improving your cold call skills can transform your business and make your income skyrocket.  But for most salespeople, making progress on this challenging part of the job is a long and arduous journey.  Until now.

In this high-energy keynote, Paul M. Neuberger shows how becoming better at cold calling isn’t about luck or a numbers game; it’s about strategy.  Better known to leading organizations around the world as The Cold Call Coach, Paul is a master of his craft. He has taught thousands of students in more than a hundred countries through his Cold Call University program, helping sales professionals in a range of industries close more deals in less time than ever before.  

Paul’s game-changing methodology punches conventional wisdom in the mouth.  He covers a range of critical information in this jam-packed keynote, including methods for reducing call reluctance, creating a sense of urgency with prospects, and crafting the perfect cold call script.  He also shows how to leverage sales psychology to connect with your prospects quickly, while driving memorable conversations that show your value. With Paul’s insight, you will be able to get in front of who you want, when you want, for whatever reason you want.  

There has never been a better time to use the phone to close sales.  Experience the transformation that properly-executed conversations can make on your career!

  • "Paul, Thanks a million for your help & guidance during the training program. I’m actually pretty freaking excited about this cold calling thing!"

    Tom Parks Director of Retirement Plan Services at Annex Wealth Management
  • "Paul is the most energetic and engaging speaker I have had the chance to see. Like the scripts he helps his audience design, I was hanging on his every word when I saw him speak."

    Cody Garvin Sales Manager at Express Employment Professionals
  • "Brilliant, yet simple. You'll wonder why you didn't see it all along. Paul is an engaging educator, so much so that he takes the dread out of cold calling and makes it easy, effective and doable, for everyone. Highly, highly recommend his system."

    Linda Layber District Sales Coordinator at Aflac
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