Watch Paul Get it Right … on RightNow Media!

Paul M. Neuberger’s thought-provoking ideas, and inspirational narratives, have led to his being interviewed on dozens of podcasts and other media outlets.

However, his most groundbreaking insights, and success-driven advice, are found in his all-original content … and you’ll find it on RightNow Media.

RightNow Media is the world’s largest Christian media organization. The online streaming channel closely aligns with C-Suite for Christ, the international organization Paul founded for professionals of faith.

RightNow Media has serious chops. More than 20,000 churches, schools and organizations subscribe to its unequaled library of Christian-based video content. Its contributors include some of the most prominent faith leaders across the land.

Count Paul among its content providers. His contributions to the faith-based platform are a mix of video advisories to advance one’s career and leadership skills, and real-life profiles of executives who dare to breach the unspoken “wall” between faith and business. Click any of these for a preview video of the series:

Getting Personal: The world can be a hard place to get ahead. In this 36-video series – broken into three modules for organization leaders, and five for employees – Paul explains how being real, authentic and available can open the doors to professional and personal fulfillment.

Sales Mastery: Sales has never been easy. Our society’s breakneck speed only makes the profession harder. In this five-video series, Paul offers innovative counsel on adapting sales tactics to modern realities.

Faith at Work: Most organizational leaders, no matter how devout, leave their faith at home. Not all, though. In this series, produced in a TV show format, Paul introduces us to company executives who make faith an integral part of their business operations.

RightNow Media uses a pay wall. Paul doesn’t want this cost to bar you from absorbing its inspirational programming, though.

E-mail him at, put “RightNow Media” in the subject line, and he’ll send you FREE access to the RightNow Media library for a full year.

It’s just another part of his mission to “Make the Impossible, Possible.” Enjoy his content (and many others’) on RightNow Media.

Chances are, you’ll say, “Right on!”

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