Defining Cancel Culture

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“Let’s agree to disagree.”

Have you ever said this? Or someone said it to you, likely after debating an issue and realizing you just weren’t on the same page?

“Agree to disagree” is a peacemaking gesture. A sign of respect. Unfortunately, it’s been pushed aside by a new cabal of self-anointed societal dictators.

These people don’t debate. They don’t want to hear your thoughts. If you disagree with them, they’ll work to destroy you.

Perhaps you know them by another name: “Cancel Culture.”

Cancel Culture goes against everything I believe. We all have worthwhile ideas and opinions. We all deserve to be heard. Similarly, we should listen to others, even those we disagree with.

Respectful debate has no place in Cancel Culture. This. Is. So. Wrong.

My new video calls out Cancel Culture for what it is: weak, scared and hypocritical. It’s time to cancel Cancel Culture, and strongly encourage people to be their true authentic selves. Are you with me?

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