We’re In Unprecedented Times…Don’t Panic!

Salespeople are in uncharted territory. How do you prospect, and close sales, with chaos running rampant around us? The COVID-19 pandemic threatens to upend our economy. “Social distancing,” now in its early stages, affects every sales professional.

How do you operate without in-person meetings, or drop-offs to prospects? Substitute e-mail or direct mail – both which can be easily ignored? Better ways exist … and I want you to know them. As a longtime sales trainer with a passion for helping people, I want you to be proactive – not reactive – in adapting your sales approach to turbulent times. For the first time, I’m offering recordings from past webinars on three of my most popular, hands-on trainings:

  • Effective Cold Call Script Diagramming
  • Instantaneous Monetization of LinkedIn
  • How to Build a World-Class “Why” Statement

Why? I want to give salespeople a heartbeat to push ahead. This is career-saving advice and instruction. These trainings will make you very, very good … very, very quickly. I’m serious as a heart attack about this. “Business as usual” is dead for the foreseeable future. Order now and get started!

Effective Cold Call Script Diagramming

I’ll show you how you can start dialing and get your cold calling hot fast!
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Instantaneous Monetization of LinkedIn

LinkedIn Insights that build relationships, drive sales and make money.
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Know Your Why

Your “Why” statement will open doors by differentiating yourself from the competition.
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