Know Your Why Recording




Know Your “Why” … and Know Success

Simon Sinek wrote about the value of a “why statement.” What’s yours? You might have heard a popular sales saying: “People buy people.” It’s true, now more than ever. Unless you’re selling toilet paper at Wal-Mart (a pretty popular gig right now, from what I hear), sales rely on connecting with people. You need to make an early, deep impression on a prospect. Connect on a real, emotive level. Be memorable in their eyes. How? Instantaneous differentiation. What you’re selling doesn’t matter. People are emotional buyers. They don’t care what you’re selling. They want to know why you do what you do. See the difference?

This is a recording from a webinar showcasing a proprietary process to help you build a world-class “Why” statement. We’ll cover its use, too. Your “Why” statement will open doors by differentiating yourself from the competition. Its power will amaze you. With people distracted by so much unfamiliarity swirling around them, it’s a leg up you’ll need to resonate with prospects. Find your “Why” statement. Craft it. Message it. Succeed … and you’ll know why.