Effective Cold Call Script Diagramming Recording




Yes, we’re talking cold calling. You’ve probably tried it. Most salespeople do, and come away frustrated, angry or ready for a different career. Know why? They go about it all the wrong way.
You see, cold calling isn’t about what you say. It’s about what you don’t say. A successful cold call uses a five-part, carefully diagrammed script. I’ve taught this to my clients for years. Their testimonials say it all.

For the first time ever, I publicly shared this script creation process (and LOTS of other cold calling tips) in the April 9th recorded webinar. You can learn this game-changer – and that’s NOT an overstatement – for just $99.

The world is changing rapidly around us. Phones remain a communication constant. Start dialing – using the tools you’ll learn in this webinar – and watch your cold calling get hot fast.