Pick up the phone, start dialing … and here’s how to succeed!

You can’t schedule in-person meetings. Plan lunches. Offer seminars. Drop information with prospects.

Coronavirus has tossed out almost every tool in the sales playbook. It’s time to rethink your tactics. How can you approach prospects, in a manner sensitive to the chaos all around us? Pick up the phone and start dialing. Yes, cold calling. You can make this work.

Paul Neuberger’s FREE May 21 webinar, “5 Tips for Cold Call Dominance,” will give you the tools to succeed. Register using the form below, and join Paul (a.k.a. The Cold Call Coach) at 10:30 a.m. CST to learn top tips from the guy who’s taught thousands how to dial, engage, and sell.

Maybe you’ve never really figured out cold calling. Perhaps you get shivers just thinking about it. Never fear – Paul, a veteran sales rep, employs a unique blend of insight, guidance and humor to teach salespeople how to master this challenging sales tactic.

This is game-changing information. You can implement these actionable items right away, to transform your cold calling success overnight

If you’ve ever wondered how to make cold calling really work, this webinar is for you. What’s more, its guidance will help anyone looking to “get in the door” at targeted organizations: job applicants, marketers, consultants and more. 

The 90-minute event will include a Q&A session for you to ask Paul your most vexing sales questions. What’s on your mind? Bring it on. He’s ready.

Paul Neuberger has clients in 50 states. An online training program, Cold Call University, that reaches 127 countries. Nearly 30,000 LinkedIn followers. Live audiences totaling more than 25,000.

The mysteries of mastering cold calling will be unwrapped in Paul’s upcoming book, “The Secrets to Cold Call Success.” Paul will reveal the proprietary advice and tactics employed in his cold call training. Don’t miss it!

Register below for Paul’s webinar, and mark your calendar to join us May 21 at 10:30 a.m. CST. It might be the most profitable 90 minutes you’ve spent in a long time!


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